Two Wheels and a Tent: The Ultimate Guide to Motorcycle Camping

Embarking on a motorcycle camping adventure is a thrilling way to experience the great outdoors. Picture yourself cruising down scenic roads, a sense of freedom that only a motorcycle can provide. Combine that with the thrill of sleeping under the stars, waking up to breath-taking landscapes, and the simplicity of living with only the essentials. Camping offers a unique and immersive experience for adventurers seeking a new level of exploration.


Motorcycle camping holds a special charm for passionate bikers who like the opportunity to immerse themselves in the great outdoors around the clock. The combination of freedom and relaxation found in motorcycle camping is an unparalleled leisure pursuit that captivates those who crave the open road and seek relief in the arms of Mother Nature.

Having the camping gear with you grants the freedom to decide where and how you want to spend your nights, including the option of choosing a hotel bed if desired. Though it's common to camp every day due to the desire for fresh air and the outdoors when you're prepared.

Exploring the Wild: Motorcycle Camping in Nature vs. Campsites

Camping in the wild, is a thrilling experience for those seeking a deeper connection with the outdoors. You have the opportunity to find secluded spots, away from the crowds, where you can truly immerse yourself in nature's serenity. The sense of adventure is heightened as you rely on your own skills to set up camp, find water sources, and navigate the wilderness.

As you expect, a brief benefit of wild camping is the cost-saving aspect. Unlike traditional campsites that come with fees, camping in nature is typically free, allowing you to stretch your budget further. Additionally, the lack of designated campsites means you have more flexibility in choosing your camping spots, allowing you to discover hidden gems off the beaten path.

However, wild camping does come with its challenges. Finding suitable locations can be time-consuming and requires careful consideration of safety and environmental impact. Access to amenities such as toilets and showers is mostly non-existent, requiring you to be self-sufficient and prepared. Additionally, depending on local regulations and land ownership, wild camping may not always be permitted, so it's important to research and respect the rules of the area you plan to explore.

motorcycle camping wild

On the other hand, camping at established campsites offers its own set of advantages. One of the primary benefits is the convenience and availability of amenities especially hot showers or even drying rooms are much appreciated when the weather turns ugly. They also offer the opportunity to connect with fellow campers, share stories, and potentially make new friends who share your passion for the open road.

Campsites also offer a sense of security and peace of mind. Many campsites have designated areas for tents and motorcycles, providing a safe and organized environment for your gear. This can be especially appealing if you have valuable equipment or prefer a more structured camping experience.

However, camping at campsites can come with a few downsides. The cost of staying at campsites can quickly add up, especially during peak seasons. Additionally, the crowded nature of campsites may limit your privacy and solitude, particularly if you prefer a more secluded camping experience. Some motorcycle adventurers may find the regulated atmosphere of campsites less adventurous compared to the freedom of wild camping.

Ultimately, the choice between camping in nature and campsites depends on your personal preferences and priorities. We like to mix them up depending on the location. Wild camping offers unparalleled freedom and a deeper connection with nature, but requires more self-sufficiency and careful planning. Campsites provide convenience, amenities, and a sense of security, but may sacrifice solitude and come with additional costs. Consider your desired level of adventure, comfort, and environmental impact to make an informed decision that aligns with your motorcycle camping aspirations.

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Locating Your Ideal Camping Spot

Your GPS might be chock-full of camping options, but remember, size isn't everything! Do your homework before hitting the road and book a spot, particularly during the busy seasons.

  • Research Before You Roll: Prior to your adventure, browse the official websites of national or state parks and other camping hotspots. They're a treasure trove of current info, including the nitty-gritty on available sites, booking options, fees, and creature comforts.
  • Take a Digital Recce: Google Earth's 3D view can give you a sneak peek of the terrain so you know what you're getting into—literally.
  • Go Beyond The Brochure: Numerous camping apps and websites feature reviews from fellow adventurers. A bit of crowd-sourced wisdom can help you find that hidden gem of a campsite.
  • The Inside Scoop: If you're pottering about a specific region, nip into the local visitor centres or ranger stations. They're a goldmine for maps, leaflets, and top tips on nearby places to pitch your tent—especially those off-the-beaten-track locales.
  • Be a Good Camper: Wherever you end up, don't forget your manners or your eco-responsibility. Always adhere to Leave No Trace principles.
  • Plan B is for Brilliant: If you're freewheeling it without pre-booked spots, be sure to start your campsite hunt early in the day. There's nothing worse than scrambling for a place to kip when you're knackered. Trust us; we've learnt that lesson the hard way.

Lock Up & Chill Out: Securing Your Motorcycle and Belongings

A hefty chain lock might be the Rolls-Royce of bike security, but let's be honest—it weighs a tonne. We reckon a disc lock is the bee's knees, particularly one that has its own alarm. These little marvels are lightweight and take up about as much space as a packet of crisps. You might never actually need it, but it's a bit like a comfort blanket for your motorbike, especially if your tent isn't within shouting distance of your wheels.

wild camping on a motorcycle

But let's face it, most of the time, your bike will be so close you could tuck it in at night. For added peace of mind, opt for hard luggage fixed to your bike. That way, you don't have to cram all your valuables into your tent like you're on some sort of camping edition of "Storage Wars."

So next time you feel weighed down by the demands of life, remember that your two-wheeled 'Michelin experience' awaits you. One session on the road can recalibrate your mood quicker than you can say 'Michelin star.' It's the sort of lifelong journey that never disappoints, always offering new flavours for your soul to relish.

Keep It Upright: Preventing Your Bike from Taking a Nap

Soft terrain is to motorbikes what kryptonite is to Superman—it'll bring 'em down quicker than you can say "Bob's your uncle." If you're pitching up on soft or wet ground, make sure your bike's stand doesn't dig its way to Australia. Slide something flat under the stand, or even prop your bike against a sturdy tree.

I once had the joy of waking up to the intoxicating aroma of petrol. As it turned out, my bike had decided to recline leisurely next to my tent. Thankfully, I'd parked it far enough away to avoid an impromptu cuddle session. Trust me, you don't want your motorbike spooning you at 3 a.m.

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