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Arai: a name that's been synonymous with top-notch motorcycle helmets for over 60 years. Originating from the Land of the Rising Sun,this brand is a preferred choice for riders who are concerned not only with aesthetic appeal but also with ensuring maximum safety and protection while on the road.

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Founded in 1926 by Hirotake Arai, the company didn't actually set out to be the helmet hero it is today. Nope, Hirotake kicked off his career at the tender age of 21 as a straw hat maker. Over the years, he shifted gears from straw to sturdier stuff, making hard hats for the hard-working lads on construction sites. By 1937, the first bricks of the Arai factory were laid in Omiya, where it still stands tall as the brand's HQ.

But then came a twist in the tale. After getting his hands on a Harley-Davidson, Hirotake was bitten by the bike bug, leading him to pioneer Japan's first-ever motorcycle helmet. So, it turns out that Arai didn't just commit to keeping riders safe and comfy; they literally set the standard in Japan.

Now, isn't that a journey worth strapping in for?

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Manufacturing Process

Arai's relentless pursuit of quality shines through its intricate manufacturing process. Each helmet undergoes a 27-step procedure and takes over 18 laborious hours to craft. Comprised of hand-selected, high-grade materials, these helmets are rigorously examined to either meet or surpass international safety standards.

Innovation in Design

Arai has been a trailblazer in helmet technology, setting milestones with features like the first full-face helmet introduced in 1968, followed by the debut of an adjustable ventilation system in 1985.

Reputation and Leadership

Over the years, Arai has cemented its reputation for delivering unparalleled safety and quality, earning it a dedicated following among motorcycle aficionados globally. As a leading force in the industry today, the company offers an extensive range of helmets tailored to accommodate the diverse needs of riders worldwide.

Commitment to Safety

Arai takes the concept of protection to the next level through its bespoke manufacturing techniques. The company crafts its helmet shells in-house, ensuring maximum integrity even at the edges. At the heart of their helmets is Super Fiber—a glass fibre material that is not only 30% more resilient than conventional fiberglass but also six times costlier, illustrating Arai's unwavering commitment to safety.

While Arai is devoted to pioneering safety innovations, it recognises that no helmet can offer complete invincibility against all types of impacts. Through meticulous analysis of various real-world incidents, the company has incrementally enhanced the protective features of its helmets, enabling better management of impact energy.

Understanding Kinetic Energy and Impact

According to physics, an object's kinetic energy scales with the square of its velocity. This implies that higher speeds result in exponentially greater energy levels during impacts. In real-world scenarios, such impacts could exceed the limitations set by existing safety standards. Consequently, Arai places equal importance on a helmet's ability to divert or "glance off" obstacles and slide smoothly across irregular surfaces, reducing the risk of getting snagged. This focus on "glancing off" complements traditional impact absorption methods, offering a more holistic approach to rider safety.

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The Significance of "Glancing Off"

In the design of Arai helmets, "glancing off" is a crucial feature that enables the helmet to deflect or redirect impact forces. This is made possible by the helmet's rounded and streamlined shape, intentionally engineered to reduce the force transmitted to the rider's head during a collision. While impact absorption remains vital, the ability to redirect forces is equally significant in lessening head injuries.

Gaps in Regulatory Standards

It's worth noting that while international norms like ECE and DOT lay down minimum requirements for "impact absorption," they fall short of mandating any standards for the "glancing off" property. This makes it an area where manufacturers can truly differentiate their products.

Arai's Unique Approach

Arai places a strong emphasis on this "glancing off" aspect, considering it a key differentiator in offering advanced protection in real-world conditions. The design has evolved to mimic an egg-shaped structure, widely regarded as one of nature's most robust shapes, to maximise the "glancing off" capability.

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Optimal Fit for Safety

For any rider, a snug and stable fit is paramount for effective protection, and Arai helmets deliver precisely that. Engineered to stay firmly in place even when you're pushing the speedometer, these helmets are designed with a universal interior EPS liner shape that accommodates a diverse range of head sizes and shapes. Arai continuously refines this fit based on ongoing research and practical experience.

Reliable Fastening System

All Arai helmets feature D-shaped rings, which are widely considered to be among the most secure fastening systems. These rings lie smoothly against the chin and are free from moving parts, reducing the risk of corrosion or mechanical failure. A simple tug on the tab is all it takes to loosen the strap, ensuring both security and ease of use.

Five-Year Limited Warranty

Arai helmets come with a five-year limited warranty that covers any material or workmanship defects. This warranty is exclusively applicable to the initial purchaser who has been properly fitted for the helmet. The warranty remains valid for five years from the date the helmet is first used, but under no circumstances will it extend beyond seven years from the helmet's manufacturing date.

Arai Motorcycle Helmets: Further Key Features at a Glance

  • Five-Stage Quality Control: Each helmet undergoes multiple inspections, including after shell creation, painting, assembly, and two in-process checks.
  • Easy-to-Clean Interior: The high-quality liner is washable with mild soap and water.
  • Comfort and Balance: Arai's expertly designed interior and ventilation system offer all-day comfort. The helmet's balanced weight distribution makes it barely noticeable when worn.
  • Streamlined Design: The smooth outer shell is engineered to reduce resistance, and all vents and ducts are designed to break away in case of impact to assist "Glancing Off".
  • Customizable Sizing: Most models offer one outer shell size for every two helmet sizes, along with varying shell shapes, ensuring a nearly perfect fit.

Final Thoughts

Arai motorcycle helmets set the benchmark for safety and comfort, making them a preferred choice for riders who won't compromise on protection. Known for their cutting-edge designs, stringent quality checks, and unwavering commitment to excellence, these helmets offer the assurance every rider seeks. Whether you're an experienced motorcyclist or just starting out, choosing an Arai helmet is a decision you're unlikely to regret.

Arai Motorcycle Helmets for Sport Touring


  • Safety First: Arai helmets are known for their top-notch safety features, often exceeding safety standards.
  • Quality Build: Crafted with a focus on durability and longevity.
  • Comfort: The interior padding and ventilation system are designed for long rides.
  • Custom Fit: Many Arai helmets offer customizable padding options for a snug fit.
  • Aerodynamic Design: Engineered to reduce wind resistance.
  • Noise Reduction: The design also aims to minimize wind noise, making for a quieter ride.
  • Easy to Clean: Removable and washable inner linings.
  • Visor Options: Availability of different visor types, all pinlock ready.
  • Brand Reputation: Trusted by many professional riders.


  • Pricey: Arai helmets are on the expensive side.
  • Complex Visor Mechanism: Visor swapping can be less user-friendly.
  • Not Modular: For safety reasons Arai doesn't offer modular helmets, which some prefer for convenience.
  • Ventilation: May not be sufficient for extremely hot conditions.
  • Break-in Period: Some models require a break-in period for optimal comfort.
  • Availability: Being a premium brand, not all shops stock them.
  • Spare Parts Cost: Replacement parts can be expensive.

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