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Welcome to motorcycle sport touring enthusiast's place on the web. Whether you are an experienced biker whose passion is to travel on motorcycle or you just begin to experience the adventures, this website will guide you and provide you with answers you will be looking for in the motorcycling world.

Our mission is to inspire and empower motorcycle enthusiasts to embark on extraordinary journeys, discovering the thrill of exploring the world on two wheels. We provide valuable resources and foster a supportive network to enhance riding experiences, connect riders with stunning destinations, and celebrate the camaraderie of the motorcycle touring community.

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Motorcycle sport touring gives us the flexibility to explore the world in a way we want at a particular moment when we ride. We can fly at speeds on motorways when longer distances need to be done in shorter time or we can have some more fun on winding, thrill-giving roads. Sport touring motorcycles deliver perfect blend of fun riding and exploring at the same time. The number of remote places that you can visit during only one tour is unbelievable. This have all got to do with speed, flexibility and comfort.

So it's about getting the best touring motorcycle?

Not at all! The important thing of any motorcycle sport touring is that it requires some preparation. I’m not going to say here that all you need is your credit card, though you will most likely take it anyway. Your goal is to go for an unforgettable ride and come back with feeling that it was well worth the fun and places that you’ve seen. Therefore, I allowed myself to give some guidance about the subject that I’ve become familiar with, after some years of sport touring experience. However you'll never stop learning, every tour is different and you'll always wait for the next one, so be careful, it can be addictive!

If you consider going, you need a solid understanding of the basics to save you learning on your own mistakes. It is not a rocket science but good preparation is a must. You’ll find here some valuable tips on motorcycle luggage that you’d inevitably need to take, reviews on some of the best motorcycle helmets found by many riders, cheap motorcycle gps systems as well as some general guidance on motorcycle camping. Obviously you will find here our opinion on some of the best sport touring motorcycles. You’ll also find tips on how to choose motorcycle tyres and we share with you here the valuable riding techniques in the section on how to ride a motorcycle

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Motorcycle Sport Touring – can we all do it?

No, sport touring is not for everyone. Some prefer staying in one hotel for a week or two and that would be great for them. Getting into the pool or staying in the bar day after day could be fun too. But I think enjoying the ride and seeing more than a couple of places on your holidays with every day different can be more interesting. So motorcycle sport touring is rather for adventure seeking people loving to ride motorcycles and those who associate their holidays with fun not only at destination. 

motorcycle sport touring

'It’s about the fun on the road, not at the destination..'

Do we need to get anywhere? Yes, only because we have generally pre-booked night sleep on a tour. At the end, we really do it to enjoy ourselves in every minute on our touring vacation. Staying in hotels for a good night sleep is generally preferable. However, some will always prefer staying with a fresh air all the time and camping is the only way for them. Your choice will depend on whether you can stay in one place for few nights and ride out each day or whether you want to make progress in a particular direction. Your budget is always a big factor but all motorcycle touring enthusiasts will always find ways to make it happen. 

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