by Iain Carnegie
(dundee Scotland )

Had my 2001 VFRfi1 since 2002 it has done 67000 miles oil and filter changed every year plugs have been changed 4 times and the chain changed 3 times it has been run on Bridgestone BT023 most of its life. It has a double bubble screen fitter and heated grips and a Scot oiler (a Must) shorty levers and a custum seat and a Remus carbon can. The brake pads have been changed four or five times and i always use original honda pads and am on original rotors.
I am from Scotland and have been to Germany annually for the last twelve years and we usual knock up 2000 mile for the week and on the autobahns 100 MPH average speed is no problem whatsoever.

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Apr 14, 2019
This took me back a bit...
by: BrianL

I had a VFR800 FiY from new. It was the last model before the switch to under-seat exhausts. I often think I'd still have it if I hadn't been knocked off it by a blonde driving her mother's car (uninsured) who didn't see me because she was on the phone and had no lights on because she'd just come out of the filling station. I got away with bruises but her car and my bike were written off.

My insurance didn't come up with enough for me to buy a new bike, so I bought a second-hand FJR1300 and ran that for about five years before buying a new BMW K1200GT. The BMW would have been the best bike in the world for me if it hadn't had an intermittent throttle problem that the dealer never was able to fix.

I always thought that a VFR1200 would be the bike for me, but when it eventually launched I didn't give it house room because of its piddly fuel tank.

The K1200GT was eventually traded in for a new VFR800F. I think it's brilliant - everything Honda has ever learned from making VFRs seems to have been built in to this bike so that it feels as though it was built just for me. It's absolutely sorted... I find it hard to think of anything I'd change. Having said all that, this post made me think back around twenty years to when my first VFR was still nearly new. I remember it fondly as a beautiful bike, so I can well understand why Tenko has hung onto his example.

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