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As the name suggests sport touring motorcycles deliver perfect combination of sport riding with the comfort that offer touring bikes. Some say that typical touring machines such as Goldwing are best for touring. You would perhaps agree to that statement but only if you’re looking for a comfortable ride at a rather slow motion. This means no much flexibility for the riding mode but don’t get me wrong, they can be very fast on motorways. This is because the primary purpose of touring motorcycles is comfort.

On the other hand, if you take the chance and take your sport bike for a longer distance ride you may be rather quickly exhausted at your wrists and your bum. You may love it when you get to the winding roads but, as in any touring adventure, some of the routes will go along motorways to allow you to get to a different part of world a little quicker. These, in other words, will be generally long rides along straight lines.

The compromise – sport touring motorcycles!

Talking about sport touring motorcycles, there are many excellent motorcycles out there that compromise the comfort with the ability of sport bikes. I allowed myself to summarize some of them in the following subsections. However, if you think you found a bike that suits your criteria, jump to the bottom of the page and let us know your view to help others identifying the one.

Just a note to remember, when reading reviews, not all new models of a particular make are better than the older versions for the purpose of sport touring. Have this in mind when choosing and researching on your machine, as we may not be able to cover them all.

Sometimes brands shift towards sport performance neglecting some of the bikes touring abilities. By touring abilities, I mean mainly comfort on long distances for you and your pillion, if you consider taking one. Touring abilities also include the riding position as well as wind shielding. So watch out for the height of the handlebars, distance between the sit and the foot pegs, comfortable sit and fairings when you compare one model made in different years of production.

Another important factor effecting touring capabilities is the distance one can go before one has to refuel, in other words, the tank range. This has obviously got to do with your tank size and what matters for many - the fuel consumption. For example many riders have recognized the disadvantage of too frequent refill needed in Honda VFR1200 as opposed to the older VFR 800 versions.

In the subsequent pages you will find reviews on some highly popular sport touring motorcycles:

Honda VFR 800 Fi - the perfect all rounder

Honda CBR 1100 XX Super Blackbird

The hyper fast Suzuki Hayabusa

Explosive and yet refined Kawasaki ZZR 1400

The excellent tourer - Yamaha FJR1300

Famous for its predecessor - Honda ST-1300

Your opinion on best sport tourer? What bike do you ride?

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