Sena Momentum Pro

Bluetooth Intercom System: The Sena Momentum Pro has a built-in Bluetooth intercom system that allows you to communicate with other riders up to 1600 meters (roughly 1 mile) away. You can also connect to your smartphone to stream music, take phone calls, and use voice commands to control your phone's features.

The Sena Momentum Pro helmet boasts a long battery life that allows you to stay connected for extended periods on the road. The average talk time on the helmet is about 27 hours, while the maximum talk time is around 30 hours. 

The helmet's battery life is impressive and can last for several days under normal usage. In addition, the helmet's rapid charge technology allows you to recharge the battery in just 20 minutes, which is a useful feature for people who need to quickly charge their helmet while taking a break during their ride.

Some of the best features

High-Quality Speakers: The helmet has four high-quality speakers that deliver clear, balanced sound whether you're listening to music or using the intercom system to communicate with other riders. The speakers are 40mm HD speakers that produce crisp, clear sound even when you are moving at high speeds.

Additionally, the Sena Momentum Pro comes with noise-cancelling technology that blocks out external noises and wind noise, making it easier to hear what's going on during phone calls or intercom conversations. The noise-cancelling microphone also ensures clear communication with your riding partners.

Customizable Ride Modes: The Sena Momentum Pro offers customizable ride modes that allow you to optimize your riding experience based on your preferences and the conditions of your ride. For example, you can choose from different noise control modes to reduce wind noise, or you can adjust the equalizer settings to enhance the sound quality of your music.

Durable and Comfortable: The helmet is made from a lightweight yet durable composite fiberglass shell that provides excellent protection in case of an accident. It also has a removable and washable multi-density EPS liner that conforms to the shape of your head for a comfortable, customized fit.

Advanced Safety Features: The Sena Momentum Pro features advanced safety features such as a Pinlock anti-fog system, which helps prevent your visor from fogging up in cold or humid conditions. It also has a quick-release chin strap for easy on and off and a drop-down sun visor that provides instant sun protection when you need it.

Sena Momentum Pro - Black
Sena Momentum Pro - Black

Sena Momentum Pro Camera 

The Sena Momentum Pro helmet also comes equipped with a 4K Quad HD action camera, which is integrated into the helmet's design. The camera has an integrated speaker and microphone, so you can capture and record high-quality videos with clear audio while you ride.

The camera is controlled by a convenient one-touch operation button, which makes it easy to start and stop recording on the go. The camera's 135-degree field of view ensures that you capture all the important details in your surroundings, while the camera's advanced image stabilization technology keeps your footage steady even when you are bouncing around on rough terrains.

Additionally, the Sena Camera App lets you preview your video footage, edit your videos and configure your camera settings. You can also use the app to download and share your videos on social media directly from your smartphone.

Overall, the Sena Momentum Pro's 4K Quad HD action camera is a great addition to the helmet, allowing riders to capture their adventures in high definition and share them with others.

The Shell Design

The Sena Momentum Pro helmet's shell is designed to fit most head shapes, but it is a round oval-shaped helmet. Sena recommends that riders measure their head circumference to determine the appropriate helmet size, as this is the most important factor in ensuring a proper fit. The helmet comes in various sizes and includes a multi-density EPS liner that can be removed and washed to achieve a custom fit. It's always best to try on a helmet before purchasing it to ensure that it feels comfortable and secure.

Connections with Sena apps

The Sena Momentum Pro helmet is designed to be fully integrated with Sena's smartphone apps, which further enhance its capabilities. 

The helmet connects to the Sena Smartphone App via Bluetooth, which allows you to customize your settings, access your music library and FM radio stations, and even update your firmware wirelessly.

The Sena Momentum Pro also works seamlessly with the Sena RideConnected App, which lets you communicate with other riders within a one-mile range using a cellular network instead of Bluetooth.

Moreover, the Sena Utility App allows you to configure the device settings, customize the operation of the device and track your intercom and phone history.

In summary, the connectivity with Sena's smartphone apps adds more versatility to the Sena Momentum Pro, allowing you to enjoy personalized features and stay connected with your riding partners.

Overall, the Sena Momentum Pro helmet is a high-quality choice for riders searching for a helmet with excellent audio quality and a comfortable fit.

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