by Charlie Farley
(New Zealand)

Mine is a red 2000 FIY RC46. Bought it in 2020 with 120000 kms (76000 miles?).
Chased electrical gremlins for a while which is an earthing problem and I think I have it under control now. Main culprit is the red multiwire earth junction which likes to be properly cleaned once in a while.
Had to replace r/r with a shindengen and replaced stator at same time.
Fitted a bar mounted volt meter also a manual fan override switch for town riding so I can turn fan on sooner. Also led headlights.
I'm addicted to the bike. My 2004 SV650 has been a bit neglected these last two years. Some would have difficulty trying to decide which of the bikes two is the best in the universe. It could be a tie.
The VFR engine is a peach.
Comfortable to ride although bar risers would improve things. But get this: It's returning late 50's mpg and although I'm not a speed freak I certainly don't ride like a pussy.
Front side panels are in storage for longevity so it's a bit naked and not as sexy looking but a bit more mean.
Roll on the next ride out.

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