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In this motorcycle helmet reviews section we will try to help you with a dilemma that many of us face whether this is the first time you’re buying a helmet or you are upgrading to a something better that your current helmet is lacking. You may find your budget to be low and can only afford one of the midrange or cheap helmets.

In general terms they say that you get what you have paid for. However this isn’t always right as you will see in the subsequent reviews. Sometimes the difference in quality is unnoticeable or non-existing so the lower price helmets may not be necessary worse. In fact we will try to show you some of the cheaper lids performing much better than those well recognised brands which are generally twice the price.  In this motorcycle helmet reviews section I doubt that we'll cover all helmets out there but we count on our readers to help you choose one.

Motorcycle helmet reviews - do you get what you've paid for?

I would agree to the above generally but there are exceptions that you need to know of. Lets check out the facts on a cheap motorcycle helmet like the OGK helmet. Are they facts or fiction? Let us know if you have your view on this helmet.

To the other end of the rather wide price bracket for motorcycle helmets you must be aware of the top spec helmets like the ones made of carbon fiber.  These aren't any new on the market but as prices become more and more reasonable would you ever consider one for yourself? To answer this question, check out the section on the carbon fiber motorcycle helmets.

We are not trying to sell anything to anyone here and you may as well be satisfied at present with what you've got. If so share your thoughts with others in section at the bottom of this page.

It's likely though that you are still looking for one and these motorcycle helmet reviews will help you a bit but you will never be able to make a decision solely on reading someone else view. All you need is a little bit of understanding of what to watch for.

First thing first and the really first thing to consider is to how are you going to use it. This may seems obvious? Let's see.

For example in you intend to use it mainly in town and you wear glasses, one of the modular type (or the flip flop) will serve you better. There is no need for GP grade unless the show off factor counts a lot to you. As for the flip flop types, be aware that they are generally heavier and not particularly well balanced. However, the top shelf offer decent tour helmets. One other thing is that these will never give you the same degree of protection as the full face helmets so this is your call. 

This inevitably leads us to the most important factor (besides our budget) - the riding style. If you’re rarely stick to the speed limits, get yourself a decent, perhaps racing helmet! Always bear in mind the focus and application of each type. As for the protection, there are some criteria that the helmets are rated on, read on this in motorcycle protective gear section. You will also find there the guidance on how to check the fit so this is a must read section! Consider what materials they are made of but don’t be the weight pervert. Lightest does not mean the best, the distribution of weight is much more important.  

Degree of protection normally goes with price because of advanced construction but not always. The price is not solely based on that. Read more on motorcycle helmet safety standards here.

Some guys don't really care on what degree of protection a helmet offers as long as it fits and looks good. The same applies for visors. In choosing your helmet you need to ask yourself whether a more practical product will satisfy you or showing off is your primary importance.

Whatever the choice will be for the purpose of sport touring I wouldn't go for the three quarters. Studies shown that 25% of the motorcycle accidents involve facial injuries. Not to mention the 'half-helmets' that chopper riders often wear. Unless the look and showing the courage is your primary goal you should not even think of them. For this reason we're not going to talk about them in this motorcycle helmet reviews and will concentrate on something more practical.

Obviously it would be just easy to review the best and the most expensive gear but to a lot of you this is not going to help much. You may be surprised that some cheap motorcycle helmets are very similar in functionality and offer similar safety. 

Have your say about your most optimal motorcycle helmet to date!

So which one is it?

Tell others what is your experience and if you have found the one you must share it in here!

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