Motorcycle hard luggage

Most of the motorcycle hard luggage solutions are very robust design. Even if you drop the bike on a side your cases will be still in one piece and will actually protect your bike. Yes, I've been there...

As mentioned earlier, you’d be better off buying a set, two side cases and one top box. On the example below there is a top case of 46 litres and side panniers, 41 litres each. This is probably most typical set from GIVI that has been well known for years and still proves to be the optimum solution.

The top box would easily contain all camping gear for two. See what I can pack in it in the motorcycle camping gear section. The side panniers are of the keyless monkey system panniers to keep things handy for quick access without opening the whole case. You may think I am an enthusiast of GIVI luggage…and yes I’m very pleased with them and they have never let me down. If I only think of how many things you manage to squeeze in them and how much handling they have survived, really, these are very good quality cases.

Motorcycle hard luggage - fitting it

Motorcycle hard luggage is attached to a wingrack which is just three cases GIVI luggage rack. With this rack you can attach GIVI, Kappa or SHAD cases. They all fit this rack. It gives you some flexibility, depending what you can find on the market at a time. Only bear in mind that the quality differs between the brands. Givi is long known for the solid and robust design and I can confirm this. On the other brands the price will somehow reflect the quality, although I've heard many good opinions on SHAD cases to be convinced that they're comparative in quality to GIVI. Not many good words though on Kappa. Going for this option the luggage rack has to be attached to your bike with a set of fitting kit that is unique to your bike. Generally, you will not have a trouble finding a fitting kit if you have sport touring bike, however if you do, you can always get universal fitting kit and adjust it to your bike. You may as well check out the tubular pannier holder for the two panniers that can be mounted with GIVI Monorack for the top box.

GIVI Wingrack

Example of Fitting Kit

I recommend buying a new fitting kit rather than second hand one unless the second hand one looks like a new. It is made of small steel pipes that are painted to prevent corrosion. If you buy a second hand make sure there is no sign of rust. The luggage rack itself is made of aluminium alloy so it'll never corrode and will last much longer but the fitting kit will corrode if scratched. The real reason why you should buy the fitting kit as a new is not because of the cosmetic issue but because the kit is the most stressed part of your luggage frame. The corroded bits will be the weakest points and you never know how much fatigue life it had spent when you got it.

All this above surely, is not just one possible way for attaching motorcycle hard luggage. They are other options for motorcycle bags and luggage available on the market, but I found this combination with the wingrack the most robust and trusted.

Once you've got them, you will need to have a system to pack all the gear you need for your tour including, if you like, camping gear. With this combination of the luggage you can go camping with a pillion. So see what you can take into such hard luggage to enjoy sport touring adventure. 

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