Maxxis Motorcycle Tyres

maxxis motorcycle tyres

Maxxis Motorcycle Tyres is a renowned brand that has been delivering high-quality motorcycle tyres to riders around the world for several decades. The company has its roots in Taiwan, where it was founded in 1967 as Cheng Shin Rubber Industry Co. Ltd. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, the company grew and expanded its product line to include a range of tyres for various types of vehicles, including motorcycles.

Maxxis has always been at the forefront of tyre technology, and its dedication to research and development has resulted in some of the most advanced tyres on the market. Maxxis began producing motorcycle tyres in the early 1990s, and since then, it has become a well-respected brand in the industry known for its commitment to quality and innovation. Today, Maxxis offers a wide range of motorcycle tyres, from racing and sport-touring to cruisers and adventure bikes.

Sport Touring Maxxis Motorcycle Tyres

If you're a sport touring enthusiast like us, then you know that having the right motorcycle tyre can make all the difference in your riding experience. Maxxis offers a range of tyres that are suited for sport touring, including the Supermaxx Touring M6029, Supermaxx Diamond MA-3DS, Supermaxx ST2, and Supermaxx Sport SP. We grade them from Touring (M6029), Sport-Touring (3DS and ST2) to Sport (SP) respectively but depending on your need they will all fit perfectly to any adventure seeker with a sport touring in mind. They offer excellent value for money, as they provide comparable performance to more expensive brands at a more affordable price point. We highly recommend considering these.

Supermaxx Touring M6029

maxxis motorcycle tyres

The Supermaxx Touring M6029 is a tyre that is designed to provide a comfortable ride, while still offering good grip in both wet and dry conditions. With a long tread life, this tyre is a great choice for riders who put a lot of miles on their medium to heavy bikes but not necessarily drag their knees on every corner.

The Supermaxx Touring M6029 tyre has features that make it last longer and have better mileage. The tyre's compound resists wear and provides good grip in different weather conditions while also being optimized for long life. Its tread pattern helps distribute wear evenly across the tyre's surface, contributing to its longevity and maintaining its performance over time.

The Supermaxx Touring M6029 has enhanced handling and stability at high speeds due to its advanced construction and design. Additionally, the tyre's optimized tread pattern reduces the risk of hydroplaning and improves wet weather performance, further enhancing its handling and stability at high speeds. This all makes it an ideal choice for touring.

Numerous reviews show positive experiences with the Maxxis Supermaxx Touring M6029 on a variety of sport touring motorcycles. Riders report good feedback, grip, and stability in dry conditions, with some also noting good performance in wet conditions. The tyres are also praised for their affordability compared to more expensive brands. Overall, the Maxxis Supermaxx Touring M6029 is a good choice for sport touring riders looking for a reliable and cost-effective tyre option.

Supermaxx Diamond MA-3DS - All Year Round Maxxis Motorcycle Tyre

maxxis motorcycle tyres

The striking and unique tread pattern enables exceptional grip in high-angle cornering with its hard compound. Normally, this would not be possible, but this tread pattern generates more heat and therefore provides more grip on all road surfaces. The tread also offers exceptional water dispersal, providing excellent wet-weather grip, making this tyre an excellent choice for riders using their bikes all year round in all weather conditions. The tyre’s pointy design ensures extremely nimble handling and large contact patch when cornering for extra grip, so you can lean into corners much easier and with more confidence.

The hard compound provides decent mileage, which, combined with the tyre's ability to corner in all weather conditions, makes them an excellent value for money. They cost on average 22% more for a pair than the Supermaxx Touring M6029 and are only slightly cheaper (6%) than the Supermaxx ST2.

Supermaxx ST2

maxxis motorcycle tyres

The Supermaxx ST2 is a dual-compound tyre that provides excellent handling and stability at high speeds. It is designed for sport touring motorcycles and is known for its durability and longevity. The Supermaxx ST2 is a newer version of the Supermaxx Touring M6029 and was introduced in recent years. This upgraded version offers better performance, durability, and improved wet grip and it comes with around 30% higher price tag.

One of the significant improvements of the Supermaxx ST2 over the Touring M6029 is its construction, which features softer, “sticky” compound on the sides of the tyre giving the increased grip when leaning into corners making the tyre sportier, whereas the harder centre compound gives durability on straighter sections of road. This design allows the tyre to offer excellent handling and stability at high speeds, making it suitable for both sport riding and long-distance touring.

The Supermaxx ST2 also has a revised tread pattern that incorporates more grooves, channels, and sipes, which work together to enhance the tyre's wet-weather performance. The tyre's construction provides excellent stability and feedback when riding in the rain, which increases rider confidence and safety.

Another advantage of the Supermaxx ST2 is its comfort. The tyre's construction includes a multi-layer carcass that provides a comfortable ride, even over long distances. The carcass is designed to minimize road noise, providing a smooth and quiet ride.

The Supermaxx ST2 is available in a wide range of sizes, allowing it to fit many different sport touring motorcycles. The tyre is also reasonably priced, making it an affordable option for riders who want high-performance tyres without breaking the bank.

Overall, the Supermaxx ST MA-ST2 is an excellent choice for riders who want a high-performance sport touring tyre that offers excellent handling, stability, and wet-weather performance. Its dual compound construction, revised tread pattern, and comfortable ride make it an upgrade from its predecessor.

Supermaxx Sport MA-SP

maxxis motorcycle tyres

The Supermaxx Sport SP is a high-performance tyre that is designed for sport and sport touring motorcycles. It features a full silica-based compound that provides excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions, and its profile is optimized for cornering performance. The optimised profile means the tyre's contact patch with the road is wider and flatter when the bike is leaned over in a turn in comparison to the Supermaxx ST2. This wider contact patch can provide better grip and more predictable handling when cornering.

The Supermaxx Sport SP is a popular choice for riders who participate in track days or occasional track events, as it offers excellent grip and handling in high-speed cornering situations. It is a tyre that you can push harder allowing you to trail the front break as you tip into a bend and gassing the rear as you exit. However, the tyre is also designed to provide good performance and durability for everyday street use. We would class Supermaxx Sport SP as 90% road, 10% track use tyre. The tyre comes with a higher price tag as in any high performance tyre costing on average 22% more than Supermaxx ST2. However all Maxxis motorcycle tyres offer excellent value for money, as they provide comparable performance to more expensive brands.

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