by alan knight
(louisiana USA)

Had a 2015 Busa for a short period. The refinement of the engine is surreal. The bike ,I feel is too much sport oriented for a tall person to tour on. Added hella bars, which helped, but the forward lean position was a lil much for 400 plus mile rides. I buy and sell a lot of bikes which lets me test most every type. The Hayabusa is a fantastic bike but I feel is not truly a long distance muncher. Also servicing the Busa eg. oil changes and basic maintenance is a pain. One must undress the machine to service. This combined with no center stand capacity on Gen 2 mods. make it more in the sport bike field. If drag racing and raw power is your goal this is the machine for you. Oh yea! The Hayabusa is easy to ride even for the not so experienced because of the linear aspects of the engine. No jerky power band Overall I enjoy riding one and the motor is to die for. Thanks Alan

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