Ian-Yamaha FJR 1300

by Mr Ian Corr
(Skegness - UK)

I have had several large touring motorbikes to satisfy my lifestyle of living away from home and conducted the weekend commute around the UK. I emigrated to Australia and returned with an FJR 1300 in 2006. Of all my bikes, this is the best!! It is comfortable, smooth powerful and dependable. I ride form Bovington to Skegness every 2nd weekend 12 months a year. Each weekend trip is over 500 miles (260 each way) and I squeeze in 2 -3 trips a month riding a total of over 1000 miles a month. It has now clocked up nearly 70,000 miles total. Having recently joined the FJR Owners club, it was treated to a proper 28,000 mile service. I expected a few parts to be replaced and after its service it was a new machine. I take it abroad a few times a year to Germany, France or Spain with the wife and full luggage and it always completes the holiday. I have test ridden the latest model from Yamaha Bournemouth and am still impressed with this bike. Probably replace mine with a newer version in 3-5 years time.

I have tried various tyres and the Bridgestone 023's are my preference, only because of the long straight riding I conduct when going home. It is a perfect machine for long distance motorways with luggage and pillion and when ridden solo without luggage, it can still be fun on familiar roads! It will cover many miles in whatever weather and once the journey is over there are no sore wrists or backache. I have no hesitation when booking trips abroad because I know the reliability of the FJR will do what is asked of it. Having had my machine since 2005, I know it needs a bit more care and attention. If I continue to look after it - I know it will look after me!! It is my work horse to get me home and not a Sunday toy. Would I replace it for a car - never!!!

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Jan 28, 2023
Valve check
by: Kevin

Just wondering, if you have had to adjust the valves. If so ,at what mileage?? Thanks

Aug 25, 2015
convinced now
by: Anonymous

Ian, thanks for your thoughts. I've been reading on this bike for a while and I will be searching for a clean example now. Previously did many trips on my Blackbird so this would be a massive change..

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