Honda VFR800 Fi

by Eric
(Johannesburg, South Africa)

Hi, I own a range of VFR's, namely
1994 VFR400 NC30 with 54000 kms
1997 VFR750 RC36 / 2 with 87000 kms
1998 VFR800 Fi with 251000 kms
2001 VFR800 F1 with 122000 kms
2003 VFR800 vtec with 82000 kms
2009 VFR800 vtec with 67000 kms
2011 VFR800 vtec with 48000 kms
2013 VFR1200F non dct with 76000 kms
Really enjoyed every one of them and still own all of the above.

My 1998 VFR800 Fi that has done 251000 kms has only ever had shimming done twice (if I may ad, this motorcycle gets pushed to the rev limiter every time I take her for a ride and she has never failed me)
Honda really knows how to build a sports tourer.
On Sunday rides I can ride around the outside of modern sportbike through the corners.
My tire of preference are Pirelli Diablo SC01, or SC02

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