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Continental is a German company that was founded in a town of Hannover in 1871. Initially, the company produced soft rubber products such as boots, water hoses, and carriage cushions. Over time, the company diversified and began to manufacture rubber products for vehicles, including Continental motorcycle tyres.

continental motorcycle tyres

Continental began producing motorcycle tyres in the early 1900s, as motorcycles became more popular in Europe. In the years that followed, the company continued to innovate, developing new tyre technologies and materials to improve performance, handling, and durability. 

In the 1960s, Continental introduced the first tubeless motorcycle tyre, which was a major breakthrough in tyre technology. This innovation paved the way for other advances, such as radial tyres and advanced tread designs. 

Continental motorcycle tyres have since become one of the world's leaders, with a strong reputation for quality and performance. The company has continued to invest in research and development, and today their motorcycle tyres are among the best in the world. With a strong commitment to safety and sustainability, Continental has cemented itself as a leader not just in the tyre industry, but in the wider automotive and transportation industries as well.

Continental Motorcycle Tyres for Sport Touring

We are going to have a closer look at their sport touring tyres, including the ContiRoad Attack and the more sporty ContiSport Attack series, which are particularly popular among riders who seek high-performance handling.

The ContiRoad Attack series is designed for sport touring riders who demand superior handling, stability, and performance in all conditions. Featuring a unique tread pattern that provides excellent grip on both wet and dry roads, the ContiRoad Attack series delivers unmatched durability and longevity, ensuring riders get the most out of their investment.

Meanwhile, the ContiSport Attack series is built for riders who demand the higher level of performance from their road tyres. These tyres feature a specially designed tread pattern that maximizes grip, improves handling, and enhances stability at high speeds. Whether you're pushing your motorcycle to the limit through mountain roads, the ContiSport Attack series is the perfect choice for riders seeking unmatched performance and agility.

multiGrip technology

What make Continental motorcycle tyres unique is the MultiGrip technology which allows single compound that is cured at different temperatures for different times to make the centre harder for milage and softer shoulder for grip. What’s important is that the transition from harder to softer is gradual rather than an abrupt change. Other tyre manufacturers like Bridgestone, Michelin or Pirelli use different compounds and join them together which may not be ideal if it comes to performance over time as you can start to feel the step transition between the centre and softer shoulders of the tyre.

Another feature we like about Continental tyres is that they come new with a mat finish as opposed to a shiny finish that needs to be worn off before the tyres gain the desired grip . This is their TractionSkin technology that allows the tyre grip right from the start making you confident on those few first rides. This works because they’ve made it possible to remove the tyre from the mould without using a release agent. And this release agent makes the tyre shiny and slippery at the start.

ContiRoad Attack 3 vs 4

continental motorcycle tyres

ContiRoad Attack 3

continental motorcycle tyres

ContiRoad Attack 4

People loved Road Attack 3 as a sport touring/adventure tyre as they had up to 19 inch tyre size for the front wheel size adventure touring bikes. It came out in 2018 and quickly became popular and test-winning tyre. It is ready for all weather condition, specifically for sport touring with GT version available for heavier bikes. The reason people love Road Attack 3 is that they perform over time which we will touch on below.

Road Attack 4 is more of a hyper touring tyre (comes in 17 inch for the front). The grove design is made to perform all year round in all weather conditions. The grooves on this tyre do not go to the end of the shoulder which makes the tyre more suitable for high angle cornering and with the Grip Limit Feedback technology it helps you understand early when the tyre is reaching its grip limit in a high angle turn.

Both Road Attack 3 and 4 employ zero degree steel belt underneath the tread which keeps the tyre from “growing” at higher speeds.

The Road Attack 4 uses a new compound that claims to provide more grip in both wet and dry conditions and especially in colder temperatures as they warm up quicker so they would be a better choice tyres for riders using their bikes all year round. However, due to the newer technology Road Attack 4 comes with up to 18% higher price.

continental motorcycle tyres

In summary, these tyres are perfect for the weekend warrior who wants to attack the twists and turns of the back roads, as well as the motorcycle touring enthusiast who needs a tyre that can handle it all. With their advanced technology, these tyres provide excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions. And with their more neutral profile, they offer a comfortable and stable ride, making them perfect for those sport touring trips. So, whether you're shredding on a sport bike or cruising on a touring bike, these tyres have got you covered.

Continental Sport Attack 2 vs 4

Does the name say it all? Have they been made to attack the road as on the racetrack?

They provide excellent grip and handling, making them the perfect choice for sport riders who want to be able to lean in and feel the thrill of the ride. With its new compound and aggressive profile, these tyres are designed to keep you stuck to the road like glue! And if you ever find yourself caught in the rain, these tyres will have you covered with their impressive wet grip. Just make sure to leave the stunts to the professionals!

continental motorcycle tyres

ContiSport Attack 2

continental motorcycle tyres

ContiSport Attack 4

However, the thread design would suggest they will be more for a good weather riding with better cornering performance. They are quick to warm up and have excellent all weather performance. We would call them 90% road, 10% track tyre so if you are occasionally hitting the track days, these will be for you.

What happened to Sport Attack 3?

Well, from the official Continental website, it seems that Sport Attack 3 has gone away and Sport Attack 2 is here to stay. It's actually quite common for manufacturers to skip a number in their product line for various reasons, such as avoiding confusion with an existing product or simply because they feel that the new product is such a significant improvement over the previous one that they want to jump to the next number.

Sport Attack 2 does not come with the Black Chilli component that the Sport Attack 3 and 4 offer. However, the Sport Attack 2 is still a high-performance motorcycle tyre designed for sport and supersport motorcycles. Introduced in 2010 it featured a newly developed compound that delivered excellent grip and handling, even in wet conditions. Its aggressive tread pattern maximizes the contact patch, providing enhanced traction and stability at high speeds.

continental motorcycle tyres

Sport Attack 4 Tyre is specifically designed for high-performance sports bikes and are ideal for both dry and wet conditions. It provides maximum grip, light handling and superb steering accuracy. It comes with the Black Chili compound which is the Continental’s latest technology for improved grip, traction and quick warm up.

In summary, Sport Attack 4 is one of the latest and most advanced sport tyres on the market. Released in 2020, this tyre is designed for riders who demand the highest levels of performance and handling.

Overall, the Continental Sport Attack 4 is a fantastic sport tyre that delivers outstanding performance, handling, and longevity. Its innovative technologies, such as MultiGrip and TractionSkin, set it apart from other tyres in its class and make it an excellent choice for riders who demand the very best.

Free Flat Tyre Roadside Assistance

Customers of Continental motorcycle tyres are entitled to this service. When a customer purchases a tyre that qualifies for the service, they will receive a registration code that they can activate on Continental's website to enjoy the benefits of the service during 3 year period. This service not only provides peace of mind to riders but also helps ensure that they are able to continue their journey without any major interruptions.

Which tyres are your choice and why?

We invite you to share your opinion on the sport touring tyres that you have found to be the best for your needs. Your feedback could help guide others in their search for the perfect tyre, or even help manufacturers improve their products.

So whether you have a favourite brand, specific model, or some insider tips on what to look for when selecting sport touring tyres, we want to hear from you! Simply leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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