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We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfilment - Hilaire Belloc

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It has been several years since we went on our first serious motorcycle tour in Europe. With over three weeks on a motorcycle it has been, so far the longest tour we did. During that time we visited many magnificent places and rode some fantastic roads. Believe it or not but we went with all the camping gear needed and the two of us on the bike. We fell in love with it and since then, we planned and organised tours in UK and Europe for ourselves and small group of friends. Their happy faces were always the best view we got on these tours. We wish to continue with this adventure and hope to bring more people into motorcycle touring.

We are competent and sensible riders and we don’t say we are the most experienced out there. From our touring experience I like to think that everyone just continue to learn the art of riding. Falcon Motorcycle Tours

As a tour operator, we are independent UK based motorcycle touring company. We continually improve the quality and expand the range of our tours. We take good care of all the responsibilities that any tour operator should provide and we ensure and deliver a remarkable experience during your motorcycle holiday. Whether you are a new to touring or an experienced rider, customer satisfaction remains our main objective.

We don't ride in large groups and generally places are limited to 10 bikes. Our team is small and we do take care of who joins us on these expeditions.

So far all our tours, as many would prefer are organised with overnight accommodation at good quality hotels but there might be tours coming on our website that would be purely camping tours or mixed i.e. hotels & camping (tried and tested and it does work well!)

We are open to new ideas on trips or places that you may want to visit. Do not hesitate to contact us if you consider going, whether we have already plan for this or not. We can tailor any trip to the specific needs both for individuals and for a group. Let us do the hard work! We are here to deliver a remarkable experience during your motorcycle holiday.

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