99 fith gen

by David K
(w wales)

Well always wanted a VFR, looking for 4th gen but this can up. This yellow 800 fi is basically like new and a credit to its former keeper who had it since 2001. Had a new 955 rs triumph in 2001. A very good bike and much underrated but this VFR is certainly a match with a better build quality. I love the V4 configuration and the amazing fluid power. Interestingly I had a new VTR in 97 that produced the same sort of power (on paper) and obviously had more low down grunt but up the revs and I think the VFR is quicker, in fact it surprised me. Some people say that the VFR is good at everything but not exceptional at anything. I think they have missed the point it IS exceptional at being an all round motorcycle ( like the triumph Sprints )

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