5th Gen Viffer Pilot

by Jeremy Bailey
(Asheville NC USA)

I purchased my one-owner 2001 VFR 800FI with only 1800 miles on it from a soon retiring businessman in FL, had it shipped to my home in western NC. When she arrived my wife called and asked why I bought a NEW bike. I explained it was a 12 year old used bike and she simply could not believe it. It came in nearly time capsul condition. I've only put about 13000 miles on her since 2012
but she has been a flawless joy to own and operate. I would NOT trade this bike for a brand new 2016 Interceptor if it was a even swap. The 2001 year model was the final year for the pennical of the VFR development. I made a 2700 round trip from Asheville NC to Key West FL and back in the middle of December and this bike performed exceptionally well over the whole journey. Excellent gas mileage 43mpg no matter how hard I flog her but has hit 47-48 on pure gasoline on the highway.

I will ride this VFR until parts are no longer available. Honda hit the mark on this and has not built anything that excites me other than perhaps the new Aforca Twin. But even if they offered a even trade for a new 2016 Africa Twin I still would not part with this machine as it is the baseline standard by which I judge other motorcycles. In a word... Incredible.

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Apr 26, 2021
no one has done better thus far NEW
by: Griffc4

I've owned two 6th gen VFR's, to the tune of 130,000 miles, then took a 120,000 mile detour into Ducati's for 15 years before picking up a used 2001 5th gen...without waxing poetic:
It is what I've been seeking from the beginning, and will be the standard by which I judge other bikes until it is no longer serviceable. Enough of everything, without giving up anything.
The heli-bars and more vocal exhaust are the only changes.

Jan 31, 2018
Best bike I´ve had...
by: The Danish Dentist.

Hi Jeremy.

I couldn't´t agree more... - I bought my ´98 5th.gen. 4 years ago with 34000km. on it... -I have now driven 40000km additionally around Denmark, through Europe over the Alps and last year around Scotland along the coastline.Even after 70000km no problems.. apart from the usual change of the alternator.
It`s a wonderful bike and the last real VFR: Without cam chains and vtec! It`s all stock apart from a set of Helibars and a slightly higher windscreen..!
It certainly doesn't`t look like a 20 year old bike, and I´ll keep it until a better bike comes out, which hasn't´t happened yet..:-)

May 21, 2017
So true.
by: GinVFRman

In 2016 found a 2001 Viffer with 7,000 original miles, and have been thrilled with it. Honda had it right with this one, and should have left well enough alone.

May 21, 2016
VFR800Fi 's fan
by: Igor

So true! Unfortunately clean and well looked after examples become more and more difficult to find these days.

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