2006 Suzuki Hayabusa

2006 suzuki hayabusa was built not to impress for speed any more as the earlier models but for the all-round performance that the bike delivered. In fact, after the speed limitation introduced in 2000 the number of busas sold have actually increased.

Well, it is still unreasonably fast bike! It’s kind of a legend for its superpower and speed. In 1999-2000 models had top speed of up to 194 mile per hour. Now due to the limitations it has top speed of 186 mile per hour. It is still actually much more than you can use on roads. Getting up to 150mph takes literally just a few seconds. And you need to be a little bit careful though as whenever you get aggressive with the Busa’s throttle you run the risk of loosing your licence or ending up in jail.

It generates massive torque at relatively low engine revolutions that other super sport bikes provide only at their peaks. On handling even at slow speeds in town the bike beautifully delivers having an excellent combination of a rigid alloy beam frame and well-controlled suspension. The breaks are excellent too. From high speed breaking, the front does not suffer from too much fade and the rear is truly good. That is really what you need from a motorcycle of that mass.

Yes, Hayabusa isn’t a light bike but that’s partly where the excellent stability comes from even on bumpy roads. It will neither be as responsive to turns with it’s wheelbase of 1480mm as the smaller sport bikes. But this is rather a sport touring machine we talking here with excellent ability to cut through the wind as if it was an aircraft fighter.

2006 Suzuki Hayabusa - the presence

Whether you like the look of it or not so much, you've got to admit, it is a look of controversy! I must say I didn't like it much when it came out. This was until recently when we went touring with our friend who had one of those in pearl white. I really started appreciating the look of it and now I think I really love it.

The 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa comes in four colour schemes:

Pearl Glass White and Metallic Sonic Silver

Candy Sonoma Red and Pearl Nebular Black

Candy Indy Blue and Metallic Oort Gray

Metallic Phantom Gray and Pearl Nebular Black

As for the comfort the rider position isn’t that bad, actually quite comfy and I’ve heard many good opinions from pillions so I cannot say much on it. However, having seen them riding, I get the impression that Honda CBR Blackbird seems more pillion friendly than Hayabusa.

Main features that you should consider before buying 2006 Suzuki Hayabusa include:

From these you can tell that this bike has a lot of power. You can feel it only in higher gears when it doesn’t stop to accelerate as hell. But it does in the way that you don’t feel it, only when you look at the speedo. Fuel consumption will always vary but on average use it is 160 miles on tank. Obviously some spirited riders will only do 120 but a warning light will comes on when there is around 4 litres left.

The servicing costs are not that high with the exception of tyres. Unfortunately, nothing is perfect in the word and if you want a bike to be powerful as Hayabusa you need to take into account to frequently change tyres. Bridgestone BT015 was apparently specifically made for this bike. On average the rear will come off every 2000 miles.

Have you got any thoughts on this machine?

If you have an experience with this missile, good or bad, let us know...

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knightrider Not rated yet
Had a 2015 Busa for a short period. The refinement of the engine is surreal. The bike ,I feel is too much sport oriented for a tall person to tour on. …

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